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Vintage Football League

1980 Awards

Player of the YearBob GrieseSan Francisco
Front Office Bowl MVPBob GrieseSan Francisco
Coach of the YearDerek SandersSan Francisco
Legend of the GameJoe NamathPittsburgh
Offensive Player of the YearTom OwenDetroit
Defensive Player of the YearAl BakerKansas City
Offensive Rookie of the YearJoe CribbsNew England
Defensive Rookie of the YearKeena TurnerArizona
All-League First Team QuarterbackTom OwenDetroit
All-League First Team Running BackEarl CampbellTampa Bay
All-League First Team FullbackSam CunninghamCleveland
All-League First Team Tight EndTodd ChristensenPhiladelphia
All-League First Team Wide ReceiverJames LoftonDetroit
All-League First Team Wide ReceiverJohn JeffersonAtlanta
All-League First Team CenterDoug SmithNew England
All-League First Team Offensive GuardDarrell AustinAtlanta
All-League First Team Offensive GuardEd FultonCarolina
All-League First Team Offensive TackleMatt HerkenhoffHouston
All-League First Team Offensive TackleRonnie LeeSan Diego
All-League First Team PunterRick PartridgeBuffalo
All-League First Team KickerJason HuttonCleveland
All-League First Team Defensive EndAl BakerKansas City
All-League First Team Defensive EndGary JeterDallas
All-League First Team Defensive TackleBarney ChavousCleveland
All-League First Team Defensive TackleKen ClarkeChicago
All-League First Team Inside LinebackerLarry EdwardsSan Diego
All-League First Team Outside LinebackerJoe NormanChicago
All-League First Team Outside LinebackerTom JacksonMinnesota
All-League First Team CornerbackMike HoltSan Francisco
All-League First Team CornerbackRick SanfordPittsburgh
All-League First Team SafetyAllan EllisPittsburgh
All-League First Team SafetyJimmy BrightCleveland
All-League Second Team QuarterbackBob GrieseSan Francisco
All-League Second Team Running BackJoe CribbsNew England
All-League Second Team FullbackDon NottinghamCarolina
All-League Second Team Tight EndDoug CrosbieJacksonville
All-League Second Team Wide ReceiverDarnell PowellNew York
All-League Second Team Wide ReceiverGolden RichardsIndianapolis
All-League Second Team CenterJim HoughNew Jersey
All-League Second Team Offensive GuardJohn AyersBaltimore
All-League Second Team Offensive GuardDave ScottNew England
All-League Second Team Offensive TackleBarry DarrowCarolina
All-League Second Team Offensive TackleHenry LawrenceJacksonville
All-League Second Team PunterBrian DohertyMinnesota
All-League Second Team KickerJim BreechDallas
All-League Second Team Defensive EndRichard BishopPittsburgh
All-League Second Team Defensive EndEddie EdwardsNew Jersey
All-League Second Team Defensive TackleRandy WhiteNew York
All-League Second Team Defensive TackleCharlie HallDetroit
All-League Second Team Inside LinebackerJerry RobinsonSeattle
All-League Second Team Outside LinebackerCliff ThriftDenver
All-League Second Team Outside LinebackerJim KovachBuffalo
All-League Second Team CornerbackDanny ColbertJacksonville
All-League Second Team CornerbackJeris WhiteNew England
All-League Second Team SafetyGreg AdzickDenver
All-League Second Team SafetyLawrence JohnsonKansas City
League's Fastest ManDrew HillNew Orleans
League's Strongest ManRobert JacksonSeattle

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