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Vintage Football League

1981 Awards

Player of the YearJohn ReavesNew Orleans
Front Office Bowl MVPGary PadjenHouston
Coach of the YearDerek SandersSan Francisco
Legend of the GameGreg LandryNew Jersey
Offensive Player of the YearCurtis DickeyNew York
Defensive Player of the YearLawrence JohnsonKansas City
Offensive Rookie of the YearBob GaglianoNew England
Defensive Rookie of the YearBobby ButlerMinnesota
All-League First Team QuarterbackJim FasselDenver
All-League First Team Running BackCurtis DickeyNew York
All-League First Team FullbackC.J. HoustonTampa Bay
All-League First Team Tight EndM.L. HarrisNew York
All-League First Team Wide ReceiverIsaac CurtisIndianapolis
All-League First Team Wide ReceiverCharlie SmithPhiladelphia
All-League First Team CenterJim HoughNew Jersey
All-League First Team Offensive GuardDarrell AustinAtlanta
All-League First Team Offensive GuardDan AlexanderPhiladelphia
All-League First Team Offensive TackleGordon GravelleKansas City
All-League First Team Offensive TackleLindsey MasonSan Francisco
All-League First Team PunterEarnest LucasPittsburgh
All-League First Team KickerCharlie GogolakNew Jersey
All-League First Team Defensive EndGary JeterPittsburgh
All-League First Team Defensive EndMarty LyonsNew England
All-League First Team Defensive TackleKen ClarkeChicago
All-League First Team Defensive TackleRandy WhiteNew York
All-League First Team Inside LinebackerWhitney PaulBuffalo
All-League First Team Outside LinebackerRod MartinMiami
All-League First Team Outside LinebackerKeena TurnerArizona
All-League First Team CornerbackNesby GlasgowGreen Bay
All-League First Team CornerbackKim AndersonAtlanta
All-League First Team SafetyLawrence JohnsonKansas City
All-League First Team SafetyJerry AndersonCincinnati
All-League Second Team QuarterbackJohn ReavesNew Orleans
All-League Second Team Running BackRick KaneMinnesota
All-League Second Team FullbackEric LaneSan Diego
All-League Second Team Tight EndPete HolohanGreen Bay
All-League Second Team Wide ReceiverJohn StallworthArizona
All-League Second Team Wide ReceiverDarnell PowellNew York
All-League Second Team CenterArt KuehnSan Francisco
All-League Second Team Offensive GuardJerry WayneCincinnati
All-League Second Team Offensive GuardDennis HarrahDallas
All-League Second Team Offensive TackleMatt HerkenhoffHouston
All-League Second Team Offensive TackleMike KennDetroit
All-League Second Team PunterRich CamarilloCincinnati
All-League Second Team KickerNick LowerySan Francisco
All-League Second Team Defensive EndDan HamptonNew York
All-League Second Team Defensive EndCurtis GreerMinnesota
All-League Second Team Defensive TackleCharles JohnsonHouston
All-League Second Team Defensive TackleSteve McMichaelBaltimore
All-League Second Team Inside LinebackerLarry EdwardsCleveland
All-League Second Team Outside LinebackerLinden KingWashington
All-League Second Team Outside LinebackerKen BordelonAtlanta
All-League Second Team CornerbackWillie BuchanonKansas City
All-League Second Team CornerbackDanny ColbertJacksonville
All-League Second Team SafetySteve FoleySeattle
All-League Second Team SafetyJohn HarrisBaltimore
League's Fastest ManNorris ThomasTennessee
League's Strongest ManStan RogersTennessee

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