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Vintage Football League

1983 Awards

Player of the YearMike KruczekPittsburgh
Front Office Bowl MVPDave KriegSan Francisco
Coach of the YearDerek SandersSan Francisco
Legend of the GameKen StablerPhiladelphia
Offensive Player of the YearMike KruczekPittsburgh
Defensive Player of the YearDexter ManleyPittsburgh
Offensive Rookie of the YearJames JonesCarolina
Defensive Rookie of the YearDavid FryeLos Angeles
All-League First Team QuarterbackMike KruczekPittsburgh
All-League First Team Running BackJoe CribbsNew England
All-League First Team FullbackScott DierkingBaltimore
All-League First Team Tight EndChris CombsIndianapolis
All-League First Team Wide ReceiverAlfred JacksonSan Francisco
All-League First Team Wide ReceiverJames LoftonDetroit
All-League First Team CenterDoug SmithNew England
All-League First Team Offensive GuardJoe BosticDetroit
All-League First Team Offensive GuardWes HamiltonTennessee
All-League First Team Offensive TackleHenry LawrenceJacksonville
All-League First Team Offensive TackleMike KennJacksonville
All-League First Team PunterLarry SwiderCleveland
All-League First Team KickerNick LowerySan Francisco
All-League First Team Defensive EndDexter ManleyPittsburgh
All-League First Team Defensive EndJeff BryantAtlanta
All-League First Team Defensive TackleKen ClarkeNew England
All-League First Team Defensive TackleLee Roy SelmonDallas
All-League First Team Inside LinebackerKen WoodardMinnesota
All-League First Team Outside LinebackerBarry KraussOakland
All-League First Team Outside LinebackerLawrence TaylorKansas City
All-League First Team CornerbackDarrell GreenChicago
All-League First Team CornerbackKim AndersonGreen Bay
All-League First Team SafetyRaymond ClaybornNew York
All-League First Team SafetyMike MayockCarolina
All-League Second Team QuarterbackJim McMahonBaltimore
All-League Second Team Running BackCurtis DickeyNew York
All-League Second Team FullbackAdger ArmstrongWashington
All-League Second Team Tight EndRuss FrancisPhiladelphia
All-League Second Team Wide ReceiverCris CollinsworthArizona
All-League Second Team Wide ReceiverDennis LawAtlanta
All-League Second Team CenterDwight StephensonPittsburgh
All-League Second Team Offensive GuardKen JonesPittsburgh
All-League Second Team Offensive GuardMike MunchakCincinnati
All-League Second Team Offensive TackleRonnie LeeSan Diego
All-League Second Team Offensive TackleCharlie GettyPittsburgh
All-League Second Team PunterJeff WestDenver
All-League Second Team KickerJim BreechGreen Bay
All-League Second Team Defensive EndKeith FergusonNew Orleans
All-League Second Team Defensive EndAl BakerTampa Bay
All-League Second Team Defensive TackleMike StensrudMiami
All-League Second Team Defensive TackleGreg BrownNew York
All-League Second Team Inside LinebackerWhitney PaulCleveland
All-League Second Team Outside LinebackerLinden KingWashington
All-League Second Team Outside LinebackerRod MartinMiami
All-League Second Team CornerbackDwayne WoodruffNew England
All-League Second Team CornerbackNesby GlasgowGreen Bay
All-League Second Team SafetySteve FoleySeattle
All-League Second Team SafetyAaron MitchellTennessee
League's Fastest ManRay ButlerCleveland
League's Strongest ManMax MontoyaArizona

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