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Vintage Football League

1987 Awards

Player of the YearDan MarinoSeattle
Front Office Bowl MVPSteve GroganMinnesota
Coach of the YearBart StarrCincinnati
Legend of the GameJohn ReavesTampa Bay
Offensive Player of the YearDan MarinoSeattle
Defensive Player of the YearJeff BryantNew York
Offensive Rookie of the YearVinny TesteverdeOakland
Defensive Rookie of the YearScott LeachCleveland
All-League First Team QuarterbackDan MarinoSeattle
All-League First Team Running BackHerschel WalkerWashington
All-League First Team FullbackSantiago EricksonMinnesota
All-League First Team Tight EndPete HolohanGreen Bay
All-League First Team Wide ReceiverMike QuickSeattle
All-League First Team Wide ReceiverBuster RhymesNew Jersey
All-League First Team CenterMike BaabSan Diego
All-League First Team Offensive GuardSteve SybeldonDetroit
All-League First Team Offensive GuardWilliam RobertsChicago
All-League First Team Offensive TackleJohn AltIndianapolis
All-League First Team Offensive TackleKevin CallCarolina
All-League First Team PunterKendrick AdamovBaltimore
All-League First Team KickerMax ZendejasAtlanta
All-League First Team Defensive EndJeff BryantNew York
All-League First Team Defensive EndKevin GreeneDallas
All-League First Team Defensive TacklePete KochLos Angeles
All-League First Team Defensive TackleGerald WilliamsMinnesota
All-League First Team Inside LinebackerJohn GrimsleyKansas City
All-League First Team Outside LinebackerLawrence TaylorKansas City
All-League First Team Outside LinebackerBrian NobleAtlanta
All-League First Team CornerbackLloyd BurrussNew York
All-League First Team CornerbackNesby GlasgowArizona
All-League First Team SafetyBobby ButlerTampa Bay
All-League First Team SafetyRaphel CherryLos Angeles
All-League Second Team QuarterbackPhil SimmsTennessee
All-League Second Team Running BackVan WilliamsDetroit
All-League Second Team FullbackHubie OliverKansas City
All-League Second Team Tight EndHoby BrennerArizona
All-League Second Team Wide ReceiverDrew HillMinnesota
All-League Second Team Wide ReceiverWebster SlaughterWashington
All-League Second Team CenterChuck ThomasMinnesota
All-League Second Team Offensive GuardMax MontoyaCleveland
All-League Second Team Offensive GuardR.C. ThielemannPittsburgh
All-League Second Team Offensive TackleKen LanierWashington
All-League Second Team Offensive TackleKari Yli-RenkoBuffalo
All-League Second Team PunterLarry SwiderCleveland
All-League Second Team KickerMike LansfordTennessee
All-League Second Team Defensive EndDexter ManleyPhiladelphia
All-League Second Team Defensive EndFreddie Joe NunnIndianapolis
All-League Second Team Defensive TackleMike PittsHouston
All-League Second Team Defensive TackleSteve McMichaelBaltimore
All-League Second Team Inside LinebackerDave LevenickHouston
All-League Second Team Outside LinebackerKyle CliftonOakland
All-League Second Team Outside LinebackerRobert LylesPittsburgh
All-League Second Team CornerbackBobby WatkinsHouston
All-League Second Team CornerbackRichard JohnsonTennessee
All-League Second Team SafetyJoey BrownerJacksonville
All-League Second Team SafetyDennis SmithDenver
League's Fastest ManMervyn FernandezDallas
League's Strongest ManMark KirchnerSan Diego

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