Exhibition Week 5, 1987

played in Cleveland, OH

81 degrees, rain, 15 mph wind

Seattle Seahawks7078-22
Cleveland Browns7756-25

Scoring Summary
1Q: 12:35 CLE - Billy Waddy 11 pass from Mark Malone (Mick Luckhurst extra point)
1Q: 01:54 SEA - Neal Anderson 3 run (Edgar Ellison extra point)
2Q: 04:25 CLE - Derrick Burroughs 41 fumble return (Mick Luckhurst extra point)
3Q: 13:06 CLE - Safety: Alvin Walton tackled ball carrier in end zone
3Q: 05:51 CLE - Mick Luckhurst 30 field goal
3Q: 02:06 SEA - Donald Jordan 9 run (Edgar Ellison extra point)
4Q: 12:47 CLE - Mick Luckhurst 28 field goal
4Q: 06:00 SEA - Ron Heller 6 pass from Sean Payton (Sean Payton pass to Tyrone Anthony for conversion)
4Q: 02:27 CLE - Mick Luckhurst 26 field goal

Team StatisticsSEACLE
First Downs2219
- by Rushing74
- by Passing1313
- by Penalty22
Total Net Yards301344
- Offensive Plays7075
- Yards per Play4.304.59
Net Rushing Yards7281
- Rushing Attempts2219
- Yards per Rush3.274.26
Net Passing Yards229263
- Att./Comp./Intrcpt45 - 25 - 254 - 32 - 0
- Gross Passing Yards247276
- Sacks/Yards Lost3/182/13
- Yards per Pass Play4.774.70
3rd Down Conversions3/115/17
- Avg. YtG on 3rd Down9.17.9
4th Down Conversions0/00/0
Punt Returns/Yards3/804/24
Kick Returns/Yards1/154/100
Interception Ret./Yards0/02/13
2pt Conversions1/10/0
Red Zone Visits34
- Red Zone TDs/FGs3/01/3
Avg. Drive StartOWN 23OWN 30
Time of Possession29:4330:17

Drive Charts

Seattle Seahawks
115:000:58OWN 252-5Interception
112:242:29OWN 25512Punt
18:166:33OWN 51195Touchdown
213:522:15OWN 20511Punt
27:070:50OWN 1232Punt
25:311:12OWN 31310Fumble
24:192:13OWN 25621Punt
313:060:07OWN 21-2Safety
311:031:52OWN 11621Punt
35:461:34OWN 2559Punt
32:500:53OPP 32632Touchdown
412:390:57OWN 2530Punt
410:394:45OWN 431157Touchdown
42:211:18OWN 14543Interception
Cleveland Browns
114:021:38OPP 23423Touchdown
19:551:39OWN 2837Punt
11:432:51OWN 25630Punt
211:374:30OWN 20934Punt
26:170:46OWN 2234Punt
22:062:06OWN 19730Half
315:001:54OWN 3331Punt
312:591:56OWN 4238Punt
39:113:25OWN 201067Field Goal
34:121:22OWN 3434Punt
31:574:18OWN 36953Field Goal
411:421:03OWN 253-9Punt
45:543:33OWN 27964Field Goal
41:031:03OWN 16412Game

Game MVP: Charles Benson, Cleveland Browns

Rushing Statistics

RB Donald Jordan12534.421021
RB Neal Anderson7121.71901
QB Sean Payton273.50400
FB Tyrone Anthony100.00000
RB George Wonsley12715.922420
RB Rodney Carter320.67200
RB Rick Fenney273.50500
QB Jay Schroeder1-1-1.00-100
FB Gary James122.00200

Passing Statistics

Sean Payton35171331/7126156.0
Jared Drake1081142/11040174.6
Jay Schroeder46272212/13026071.0
Mark Malone85550/01130122.4

Receiving Statistics

WR Mike Quick61310517.5039400
TE Ron Heller56448.8012171
WR Leon Gonzalez46358.757140
WR Fred Banks37134.33380
RB Neal Anderson2321.00030
WR Mark Ingram222211.000170
RB Donald Jordan1377.00270
FB Tyrone Anthony121111.004110
TE Rod Jones1288.00080
TE Jerry Reese0100.00000
WR Allyn Griffin79273.867130
TE Lance Seidman596112.2017250
TE Jamie Williams510459.006180
WR Eddie Brown484711.7528260
RB George Wonsley34279.005140
WR Billy Waddy23157.5010111
TE Joe Jones232211.006170
WR Don Jones1188.00080
RB Rodney Carter1222.00020
WR Cris Carter111212.000120
WR Ted Wilson131010.003100
FB Gary James0100.00000

Interception Statistics

S Tom Flynn11313.000
S Alvin Walton100.000

Fumble Statistics

TE Ron Heller1000
CB Derrick Burroughs0101
ILB E.J. Junior0010

Punting Statistics

John Bruno737253.146.9694
Larry Swider840050.038.3645

Kicking Statistics

Edgar Ellison0/00/00/002/2
Mick Luckhurst3/30/00/0302/2

Punt Return Statistics

Fred Banks38026.70
Dan Reeder4246.00

Kick Return Statistics

Leon Gonzalez11515.00
Don Jones37525.00
Allyn Griffin12525.00

Defensive Statistics

OLB Ron Rivera740.01956
ILB Jerry Robinson710.01956
CB Terry Lewis610.01446
S Mike Prior510.01952
CB Lewis Billups510.01955
ILB Louis Cooper430.01846
CB Toi Cook400.01339
DE Martin Moss301.01444
DE Reggie Camp301.01754
S Danny Taylor200.01344
OLB Doug Landry110.01327
WR Mike Quick10---------
DT Leonard Wingate100.01242
RB Neal Anderson10---------
CB Najee Mustafaa100.001
S Derrick Beasley100.0512
S Eric Jeffries100.006
ILB Fredd Young640.02245
S Tom Flynn510.01741
CB David King500.02240
ILB E.J. Junior440.01735
CB Derrick Burroughs311.01741
S Alvin Walton320.01629
DT Dean Hamel310.01536
OLB Scott Leach300.0516
DE Charles Benson202.02244
DE Lee Kunz220.01428
OLB Rich Milot210.01021
DT Pete Kugler200.02039
S Len Bell200.057
OLB Jamie Kimmel120.01229
S Tom Tutson100.01437
CB Kirby Jackson100.0921
OLB Anthony Bell010.0513

Pass Rush Statistics

DE Martin Moss1.004044
DE Reggie Camp1.002054
ILB Jerry Robinson0.010056
DT Leonard Wingate0.010042
ILB Louis Cooper0.001146
DE Charles Benson2.004244
CB Derrick Burroughs1.000041
DT Dean Hamel0.002136
ILB Fredd Young0.002045
DE Lee Kunz0.001028
DE Charles Bennett0.00106

Pass Defense Statistics

OLB Ron Rivera52056
CB Terry Lewis51046
CB Lewis Billups50055
CB Toi Cook31039
ILB Jerry Robinson30056
ILB Louis Cooper21046
S Mike Prior20052
S Derrick Beasley20012
DE Martin Moss10044
DT Leonard Wingate10042
S Danny Taylor10044
CB Najee Mustafaa1001
S Eric Jeffries1006
S Tom Flynn40141
CB David King40040
ILB Fredd Young31045
ILB E.J. Junior30035
OLB Scott Leach30016
CB Derrick Burroughs11041
S Len Bell1107
OLB Rich Milot10021
DT Pete Kugler10039
S Tom Tutson10037
DT Dean Hamel10036
OLB Jamie Kimmel10029
CB Kirby Jackson10021
S Alvin Walton00129

Blocking Statistics

T Stan Brock56022048
C Dan Turk26022048
G Bruce Reimers13122148
FB Tyrone Anthony1208020
T Ron Heller02022048
G Mitch Frerotte01010025
RB Donald Jordan00015233
G Max Montoya35019056
G Crawford Ker25019156
T Joe Walter24119056
T Paul Blair11012031
C Darrick Brilz0207025
C Eric Stokes01012031
TE Lance Seidman00011138

Special Teams Tackles

Neal Anderson512
Terry Lewis122
Mike Prior116
Mike Sherrard111
Jamie Kimmel125
Otis Brown122
Max Montoya117
Jamie Williams114


SeattleRPlyOffPPlyOffRPlyDefPPlyDefSTPlyTotal Plays
S Mike Prior------19521687
CB Terry Lewis------14462282
ILB Jerry Robinson------1956479
OLB Ron Rivera------1956479
S Danny Taylor------13442178
T Stan Brock2248------777
G Bruce Reimers2248------777
T Ron Heller2248------777
CB Lewis Billups------1955377
WR Mike Quick2248------676
DE Reggie Camp------1754374
TE Ron Heller1431------2671
C Dan Turk2248---------70
DE Martin Moss------14441169
ILB Louis Cooper------1846367
RB Donald Jordan1533------1866
WR Leon Gonzalez1327------1959
DT Leonard Wingate------1242357
CB Toi Cook------1339355
QB Sean Payton1436---------50
WR Fred Banks1322------1449
FB Tyrone Anthony820------1947
G Mitch Frerotte1025------742
OLB Doug Landry------1327---40
T J.D. Maarleveld1223---------35
RB Neal Anderson713------1232
WR Mark Ingram922---------31
OLB Ron Moten------012526
DT Tony Degrate------714---21
QB Jared Drake812---------20
DE Leon Seals------713---20
TE Rod Jones513---------18
S Derrick Beasley------512---17
WR Mike Sherrard03------1114
ILB Joe Mauntel------001313
TE Jerry Reese46---------10
CB Najee Mustafaa------0189
DT John Haines------0088
C Kennedy Greer00------77
P John Bruno00------77
S Eric Jeffries------06---6
K Edgar Ellison00------55
DE Reggie Rogers------04---4
OLB Paul Migliazzo------04---4
RB Jimmy Smith02---------2
C Tom Baugh00---------0
ClevelandRPlyOffPPlyOffRPlyDefPPlyDefSTPlyTotal Plays
G Max Montoya1956------1792
G Crawford Ker1956------1186
T Joe Walter1956------1186
TE Jamie Williams1649------1479
CB Derrick Burroughs------17411876
WR Eddie Brown1337------2171
ILB Fredd Young------2245---67
DE Charles Benson------2244---66
OLB Jamie Kimmel------12292566
ILB E.J. Junior------17351264
QB Jay Schroeder1448---------62
CB David King------2240---62
DT Pete Kugler------2039---59
S Tom Flynn------1741---58
DT Dean Hamel------1536758
S Tom Tutson------1437---51
C Eric Stokes1231------851
TE Lance Seidman1138---------49
RB George Wonsley1432---------46
FB Gary James619------2146
WR Allyn Griffin927------1046
S Alvin Walton------1629146
TE Joe Jones511------2945
T Paul Blair1231---------43
T Jim Warne725------1143
DE Lee Kunz------1428---42
CB Kirby Jackson------921737
OLB Rich Milot------1021132
C Darrick Brilz725---------32
WR Ted Wilson717------529
S Len Bell------571729
OLB Scott Leach------516728
RB Otis Brown00------2222
WR Billy Waddy413------118
OLB Anthony Bell------513---18
QB Mark Malone58------316
WR Cris Carter412---------16
WR Don Jones16------512
RB Rodney Carter39---------12
RB Rick Fenney210---------12
C Floyd Harding00------1111
K Mick Luckhurst00------99
P Larry Swider00------88
RB Dan Reeder00------77
DE Charles Bennett------06---6
DT Steve O'Malley------00---0

Directional Rushing Statistics


Detailed Passing Statistics

Sean Payton351714031031
Jared Drake1081100001
Jay Schroeder46272255600
Mark Malone850100110

Directional Passing Statistics

Short (0-8 Yds)2314984.3
Medium (9-18 Yds)82243.0
Long (19+ Yds)738311.9
Short (0-8 Yds)28171124.0
Medium (9-18 Yds)14914310.2
Long (19+ Yds)3000.0

Detailed Receiving Statistics

WR Mike Quick1360105248
WR Fred Banks73013022
WR Leon Gonzalez64035027
TE Ron Heller65044031
RB Donald Jordan3107033
RB Neal Anderson3202013
FB Tyrone Anthony21011020
TE Rod Jones2108013
WR Mark Ingram22022022
TE Jerry Reese100006
TE Jamie Williams105245049
TE Lance Seidman95061138
WR Allyn Griffin97027027
WR Eddie Brown84047137
RB George Wonsley43027032
WR Billy Waddy32015013
TE Joe Jones32122011
WR Ted Wilson31210017
RB Rodney Carter210209
WR Don Jones110806
FB Gary James1000019
WR Cris Carter11012012

Red-Zone Rushing Statistics

SeattleAttYardsAvgOverall Avg
RB Donald Jordan199.004.42
RB Neal Anderson133.001.71
QB Sean Payton144.003.50
ClevelandAttYardsAvgOverall Avg
RB Rodney Carter100.000.67

Red-Zone Passing Statistics

SeattleAttCompYardsAvg/AttOverall Avg
Sean Payton4261.503.80
ClevelandAttCompYardsAvg/AttOverall Avg
Jay Schroeder105171.704.80
Mark Malone111111.006.88

Red-Zone Receiving Statistics

SeattleTargetCatchYardsAvg/TargOverall Avg
RB Donald Jordan1000.002.33
FB Tyrone Anthony1000.005.50
WR Fred Banks1100.001.86
TE Ron Heller1166.007.33
ClevelandTargetCatchYardsAvg/TargOverall Avg
WR Allyn Griffin3282.673.00
WR Eddie Brown2100.005.88
WR Billy Waddy111111.005.00
TE Jamie Williams1144.004.50
RB George Wonsley1000.006.75
TE Joe Jones1155.007.33
FB Gary James1000.000.00
WR Ted Wilson1000.003.33

Third Down Rushing Statistics

RB Donald Jordan11
QB Sean Payton10
RB George Wonsley22

Third Down Passing Statistics

Sean Payton721
Jared Drake111
Jay Schroeder1263
Mark Malone210

Third Down Receiving Statistics

WR Mike Quick200
WR Leon Gonzalez200
FB Tyrone Anthony111
WR Fred Banks100
TE Ron Heller110
WR Mark Ingram111
TE Jamie Williams421
TE Lance Seidman200
WR Allyn Griffin211
WR Ted Wilson211
WR Billy Waddy100
RB George Wonsley110
TE Joe Jones110
WR Eddie Brown110

Stadium66,100 (70,000 capacity)
Upper Deck13,500 (14,600)
End Zone10,000 (10,400)
Mezzanine5,800 (6,000)
Sideline Seats8,600 (9,200)
Club Seats19,500 (19,900)
Luxury Boxes8,700 (9,900)