Week 3, 1987

played in Seattle, WA

42 degrees, fair, 8 mph wind

Chicago Bears7101014-41
Seattle Seahawks73016-26

Scoring Summary
1Q: 12:53 CHI - Kevin House 19 pass from Neil Lomax (Roger Ruzek extra point)
1Q: 10:36 SEA - Mike Quick 16 pass from Dan Marino (Edgar Ellison extra point)
2Q: 10:17 CHI - Jeff Chadwick 12 pass from Neil Lomax (Roger Ruzek extra point)
2Q: 04:59 CHI - Roger Ruzek 37 field goal
2Q: 00:03 SEA - Edgar Ellison 20 field goal
3Q: 11:47 CHI - Neil Lomax 8 run (Roger Ruzek extra point)
3Q: 05:43 CHI - Roger Ruzek 50 field goal
4Q: 11:28 CHI - Thomas Wilcher 2 run (Roger Ruzek extra point)
4Q: 11:21 SEA - Leon Gonzalez 98 kickoff return (Dan Marino pass to Mike Quick for conversion)
4Q: 02:38 CHI - Kenneth Davis 5 run (Roger Ruzek extra point)
4Q: 00:01 SEA - Mike Quick 4 pass from Jared Drake (Jared Drake pass to Mike Quick for conversion)

Team StatisticsCHISEA
First Downs2617
- by Rushing111
- by Passing1415
- by Penalty11
Total Net Yards443358
- Offensive Plays7057
- Yards per Play6.336.28
Net Rushing Yards18341
- Rushing Attempts3811
- Yards per Rush4.823.73
Net Passing Yards260317
- Att./Comp./Intrcpt31 - 24 - 046 - 32 - 0
- Gross Passing Yards263317
- Sacks/Yards Lost1/30/0
- Yards per Pass Play8.136.89
3rd Down Conversions7/143/10
- Avg. YtG on 3rd Down7.78.3
4th Down Conversions0/00/1
Punt Returns/Yards2/211/3
Kick Returns/Yards1/265/165
Interception Ret./Yards0/00/0
2pt Conversions0/02/2
Red Zone Visits54
- Red Zone TDs/FGs5/02/1
Avg. Drive StartOWN 32OWN 23
Time of Possession37:3422:26

Drive Charts

Chicago Bears
114:522:06OPP 40440Touchdown
110:294:02OWN 25722Punt
13:383:23OWN 13615Punt
214:174:09OWN 391161Touchdown
28:123:18OWN 33747Field Goal
22:531:42OWN 439Punt
315:003:22OWN 7693Touchdown
39:454:07OWN 31836Field Goal
30:434:22OWN 9991Touchdown
411:063:03OWN 34410Punt
46:272:21OWN 4238Punt
43:351:05OPP 838Touchdown
Seattle Seahawks
115:000:08OWN 25115Fumble
112:462:17OWN 19481Touchdown
16:272:49OWN 20520Punt
10:150:58OWN 333-8Punt
210:081:56OWN 203-1Punt
24:542:01OWN 25537Punt
21:111:11OPP 45442Field Goal
311:381:53OWN 3134Punt
35:384:55OWN 251266Fumble
48:031:36OWN 12416Punt
44:060:31OWN 642Downs
42:302:30OWN 16984Touchdown

Game MVP: Neil Lomax, Chicago Bears

Rushing Statistics

RB Keith Griffin221215.505840
RB Kenneth Davis11403.64901
WR Kevin House231.50200
QB Neil Lomax2178.50901
FB Thomas Wilcher122.00201
RB Neal Anderson5163.20700
RB Donald Jordan4123.001310
RB Jimmy Smith166.00600
WR Leon Gonzalez177.00700

Passing Statistics

Neil Lomax31242631/32270123.4
Dan Marino39262610/0163094.0
Jared Drake76560/01200139.6

Receiving Statistics

WR Kevin House7711216.0067271
WR Jeff Chadwick45215.252121
TE Gary Anderson35268.672160
WR Don Holmes343210.6712120
TE Trey Junkin242010.0012120
RB Keith Griffin22136.503130
WR Louis Lipps223115.5019180
RB Kenneth Davis1288.00080
WR Mike Quick152219713.13100282
RB Neal Anderson68264.3314150
WR Leon Gonzalez578817.6072630
RB Donald Jordan4441.00230
WR Fred Banks1122.00020
WR Mark Ingram1200.00000
TE Ron Heller0200.00000

Interception Statistics


Fumble Statistics

CB Darrell Green0100
S Tim McDonald0100
CB Gill Byrd0010
ILB Eric Fairs0010
WR Mike Quick1000
RB Donald Jordan1000

Punting Statistics

Lee Johnson521543.038.4532
John Bruno625041.738.2522

Kicking Statistics

Roger Ruzek2/21/11/1505/5
Edgar Ellison1/10/00/0201/1

Punt Return Statistics

Keith Griffin22110.50
Fred Banks133.00

Kick Return Statistics

Louis Lipps12626.00
Leon Gonzalez313344.31
Mike Quick23216.00

Defensive Statistics

OLB Jesse Penn800.0632
CB Darrell Green540.01146
ILB Whitney Paul410.01142
CB Gill Byrd410.0936
S Vencie Glenn310.0721
CB Mark Murphy300.0534
DT Toby Williams300.0632
S Tim McDonald300.01141
ILB Eric Fairs200.0511
DE Larry White100.0322
DE Bruce Smith100.01141
OLB Ray Phillips100.0837
OLB Michael Reid100.0722
S Deron Cherry020.0427
CB Leslie Frazier010.0216
ILB Jerry Robinson1030.03731
OLB Ron Rivera730.03832
ILB Louis Cooper630.02411
S Derrick Beasley600.02312
DT Tony Degrate500.03122
CB Toi Cook500.03832
CB Najee Mustafaa400.01422
OLB Doug Landry310.03222
S Danny Taylor310.01621
DE Reggie Camp201.01212
S Mike Prior220.03323
DE Leon Seals200.01810
DE Martin Moss100.03025
CB Terry Lewis100.03223
OLB Paul Migliazzo100.048
OLB Ron Moten020.0610

Pass Rush Statistics

DT Toby Williams0.011032
DE Larry White0.002022
DT Jumpy Geathers0.002014
DE Bruce Smith0.001041
DE Reggie Camp1.000012

Pass Defense Statistics

OLB Jesse Penn81032
CB Gill Byrd61036
ILB Whitney Paul41042
CB Mark Murphy40034
CB Darrell Green30046
S Vencie Glenn30021
DE Larry White10022
ILB Eric Fairs10011
OLB Michael Reid10022
S Tim McDonald10041
OLB Ron Rivera41032
CB Toi Cook41032
ILB Jerry Robinson40031
S Danny Taylor31021
CB Najee Mustafaa30022
CB Terry Lewis20023
ILB Louis Cooper10011
S Mike Prior10023
OLB Paul Migliazzo1008
S Derrick Beasley10012
OLB Ron Moten01010

Blocking Statistics

G Mickey Marvin36038032
G William Roberts29038032
T Henry Lawrence28038032
C Ray Donaldson16038032
T Tom Andrews15038132
TE Trey Junkin11014010
FB Thomas Wilcher0101106
C Dan Turk23011046
G Mitch Frerotte22011046
T J.D. Maarleveld11011046
G Bruce Reimers03011046
T Ron Heller02011046

Special Teams Tackles

Mark Murphy223
Larry White120
Thomas Wilcher119
Kenneth Davis117
Fred Banks116
Mike Prior112
Kennedy Greer17


ChicagoRPlyOffPPlyOffRPlyDefPPlyDefSTPlyTotal Plays
T Henry Lawrence3832------777
G Mickey Marvin3832------777
G William Roberts3832------777
T Tom Andrews3832------777
C Ray Donaldson3832---------70
QB Neil Lomax3832---------70
TE Gary Anderson3630---------66
CB Mark Murphy------5342362
CB Darrell Green------1146158
WR Kevin House3125---------56
ILB Whitney Paul------1142154
WR Jeff Chadwick3023---------53
DE Bruce Smith------1141153
S Tim McDonald------1141153
RB Keith Griffin2420------751
S Deron Cherry------4271849
TE Trey Junkin1410------2448
CB Gill Byrd------936146
OLB Ray Phillips------837146
DE Larry White------3222045
DT Toby Williams------632745
WR Don Holmes1821------443
RB Kenneth Davis1412------1743
DE Mike Clark------1031---41
OLB Jesse Penn------632139
WR Louis Lipps910------1938
FB Thomas Wilcher116------1936
CB Leslie Frazier------2161331
OLB Michael Reid------722---29
S Vencie Glenn------721---28
ILB Eric Fairs------511925
OLB Ronnie Washington------002222
DT Jumpy Geathers------514---19
WR Phil Freeman11------1012
K Roger Ruzek00------1010
P Lee Johnson00------77
C Ellis Clark00------77
CB Dean Landon------0145
TE Mario Perry22---------4
QB Tom Flick00---------0
G Billy Ard00---------0
C Trevor Matich00---------0
TE Eric Kattus00---------0
DE Eric Dorsey------00---0
RB Brent Fullwood00---------0
T Ralph Van Dyke00---------0
SeattleRPlyOffPPlyOffRPlyDefPPlyDefSTPlyTotal Plays
OLB Ron Rivera------3832373
CB Toi Cook------3832272
ILB Jerry Robinson------3731371
S Mike Prior------33231268
WR Mike Quick1145------864
G Bruce Reimers1146------764
T Ron Heller1146------764
T J.D. Maarleveld1146------764
G Mitch Frerotte1146------764
CB Terry Lewis------3223762
DE Martin Moss------3025257
C Dan Turk1146---------57
OLB Doug Landry------3222256
DT Tony Degrate------3122255
S Derrick Beasley------23121752
QB Dan Marino1139---------50
WR Mark Ingram1040---------50
ILB Louis Cooper------24111449
WR Leon Gonzalez525------1747
TE Ron Heller937------147
RB Donald Jordan420------1842
FB Tyrone Anthony320------1740
DT Leonard Wingate------1919---38
RB Neal Anderson623------938
OLB Ron Moten------6102238
S Danny Taylor------1621---37
CB Najee Mustafaa------1422---36
DE Leon Seals------1810230
TE Jerry Reese07------2229
DE Reggie Camp------1212---24
WR Fred Banks03------1619
DE Reggie Rogers------48517
CB Duffy Cobbs------001515
S Eric Jeffries------59---14
TE Rod Jones67---------13
OLB Paul Migliazzo------48---12
WR Mike Sherrard00------88
QB Jared Drake07---------7
C Kennedy Greer00------77
P John Bruno00------77
DT John Haines------1056
RB Jimmy Smith13---------4
K Edgar Ellison00------44
ILB Joe Mauntel------10---1
T Stan Brock00---------0
C Tom Baugh00---------0

Directional Rushing Statistics


Detailed Passing Statistics

Neil Lomax31242214000
Dan Marino39265033600
Jared Drake761010000

Directional Passing Statistics

Short (0-8 Yds)20161708.5
Medium (9-18 Yds)53459.0
Long (19+ Yds)1000.0
Short (0-8 Yds)2117904.3
Medium (9-18 Yds)1381058.1
Long (19+ Yds)4000.0

Detailed Receiving Statistics

WR Kevin House770112225
TE Gary Anderson53026030
WR Jeff Chadwick54021023
TE Trey Junkin42020010
WR Don Holmes43032021
RB Keith Griffin22013020
WR Louis Lipps22031010
RB Kenneth Davis2118012
WR Mike Quick22151197545
RB Neal Anderson86026023
WR Leon Gonzalez75188125
RB Donald Jordan4404020
TE Ron Heller2010037
WR Mark Ingram2110040
WR Fred Banks110203

Red-Zone Rushing Statistics

ChicagoAttYardsAvgOverall Avg
RB Keith Griffin351.675.50
RB Kenneth Davis273.503.64
QB Neil Lomax188.008.50
FB Thomas Wilcher122.002.00
SeattleAttYardsAvgOverall Avg
RB Neal Anderson1-1-1.003.20

Red-Zone Passing Statistics

ChicagoAttCompYardsAvg/AttOverall Avg
Neil Lomax333913.008.48
SeattleAttCompYardsAvg/AttOverall Avg
Dan Marino44184.506.69
Jared Drake22157.508.00

Red-Zone Receiving Statistics

ChicagoTargetCatchYardsAvg/TargOverall Avg
WR Jeff Chadwick222010.004.20
WR Kevin House111919.0016.00
SeattleTargetCatchYardsAvg/TargOverall Avg
WR Mike Quick33206.678.95
RB Donald Jordan1100.001.00
WR Leon Gonzalez111111.0012.57
RB Neal Anderson1122.003.25

Third Down Rushing Statistics

RB Kenneth Davis32
QB Neil Lomax11
RB Keith Griffin11
RB Donald Jordan10

Third Down Passing Statistics

Neil Lomax973
Dan Marino842
Jared Drake111

Third Down Receiving Statistics

WR Kevin House221
TE Gary Anderson210
TE Trey Junkin211
WR Jeff Chadwick110
WR Don Holmes111
RB Kenneth Davis110
WR Mike Quick522
WR Leon Gonzalez211
RB Donald Jordan110
WR Mark Ingram110

Stadium55,200 (70,000 capacity)
Upper Deck18,100 (21,400)
End Zone9,800 (15,400)
Mezzanine7,600 (8,900)
Sideline Seats9,700 (13,600)
Club Seats6,900 (7,400)
Luxury Boxes3,100 (3,300)