Week 6, 1987

played in Buffalo, NY

39 degrees, fair, 11 mph wind

Oakland Raiders71430-24
Buffalo Bills33018-24

Scoring Summary
1Q: 10:30 BUF - Darrell Durham 30 field goal
1Q: 03:34 OAK - Carl Hinton 2 pass from Vinny Testeverde (Bruce Kallmeyer extra point)
2Q: 06:54 BUF - Darrell Durham 39 field goal
2Q: 03:39 OAK - Gerald Riggs 26 pass from Vinny Testeverde (Bruce Kallmeyer extra point)
2Q: 00:26 OAK - M.L. Harris 21 pass from Vinny Testeverde (Bruce Kallmeyer extra point)
3Q: 07:10 OAK - Bruce Kallmeyer 30 field goal
4Q: 13:04 BUF - Wes Chandler 18 pass from Mike Pagel (Mike Pagel pass to Wes Chandler for conversion)
4Q: 12:15 BUF - Harvey Armstrong 56 fumble return (Darrell Durham extra point)
4Q: 00:26 BUF - Darrell Durham 20 field goal

Team StatisticsOAKBUF
First Downs2019
- by Rushing73
- by Passing1016
- by Penalty30
Total Net Yards362405
- Offensive Plays8074
- Yards per Play4.535.47
Net Rushing Yards15161
- Rushing Attempts3519
- Yards per Rush4.313.21
Net Passing Yards211344
- Att./Comp./Intrcpt42 - 19 - 250 - 35 - 0
- Gross Passing Yards229373
- Sacks/Yards Lost3/185/29
- Yards per Pass Play4.696.25
3rd Down Conversions5/185/19
- Avg. YtG on 3rd Down7.711.0
4th Down Conversions1/11/1
Punt Returns/Yards4/205/43
Kick Returns/Yards2/423/90
Interception Ret./Yards0/02/20
2pt Conversions0/01/1
Red Zone Visits23
- Red Zone TDs/FGs1/11/2
Avg. Drive StartOWN 29OWN 33
Time of Possession36:4433:16

Drive Charts

Oakland Raiders
110:226:56OWN 301270Touchdown
10:151:21OWN 30426Interception
212:032:49OWN 20813Interception
26:463:22OWN 25775Touchdown
21:481:32OWN 27473Touchdown
315:003:53OWN 25833Punt
39:302:26OWN 39548Field Goal
33:541:01OWN 133-4Punt
31:590:55OWN 1633Punt
412:570:42OWN 253-2Punt
412:150:12OPP 371-7Fumble
412:031:39OWN 2536Punt
46:484:08OWN 35629Punt
40:210:21OWN 4221Half
OT19:052:00OWN 343-7Punt
OT14:591:37OWN 31618Punt
OT11:440:37OWN 373-6Punt
Buffalo Bills
115:004:38OWN 25862Field Goal
13:263:11OWN 48429Missed FG
213:541:51OWN 42419Punt
29:142:28OPP 32610Field Goal
23:241:36OWN 1430Punt
20:160:16OWN 34117Half
311:071:37OWN 204-6Punt
37:043:10OWN 25521Punt
32:530:54OPP 463-9Punt
31:043:07OWN 33767Touchdown
410:243:36OWN 1464Punt
42:402:19OWN 201077Field Goal
OT110:000:55OWN 2831Punt
OT17:052:06OWN 21416Punt
OT13:221:38OWN 436Punt
OT11:071:07OWN 26432Game

Game MVP: Johnny Robinson, Oakland Raiders

Rushing Statistics

RB Gerald Riggs26983.773420
RB Willie Joyner4256.251910
QB Vinny Testeverde3206.671020
FB Anthony Toney284.00500
RB Herman Fontenot9374.111720
RB Steve Sewell4-3-0.75300
FB Robert Weathers372.33700
QB Mike Pagel231.50400
RB Eric Dickerson11717.001710

Passing Statistics

Vinny Testeverde42192293/18345266.4
Mike Pagel27182054/251460101.6
Dave Krieg23171681/4033094.1

Receiving Statistics

RB Gerald Riggs585210.4034261
WR Henry Ellard475714.2527320
WR Vance Johnson48246.005120
TE M.L. Harris266633.0044451
TE Carl Hinton262412.0020221
WR Eric Richardson121010.005100
FB Anthony Toney13-4-4.000-40
RB Willie Joyner0100.00000
TE Wilbur Strozier0100.00000
WR Wes Chandler101011911.9033331
TE Brent Jones6107512.5035260
WR Jeff Moore577815.6056460
RB Herman Fontenot49205.0010120
TE Ulysses Norris33113.67060
RB Steve Sewell2294.50550
TE Ron LaPointe121515.000150
WR Virgil Seay1122.00020
RB Eric Dickerson111111.0013110
WR Ricky Nattiel133131.0025310
WR Bruce Hill1122.00020

Interception Statistics

CB Demetrious Johnson11313.000
CB Ricky Reynolds177.000

Fumble Statistics

QB Vinny Testeverde1100
FB Anthony Toney1000
G Bruce Matthews0100
TE Carl Hinton0010
ILB Nick Miller0010
WR Wes Chandler1000
RB Steve Sewell1000
DT Harvey Armstrong0101
TE Ron LaPointe0100
OLB Rich D'Amico0010
DT Michael Carter0010

Punting Statistics

Bubba Beggiani944349.240.0614
Eddie George939443.839.3492

Kicking Statistics

Bruce Kallmeyer1/10/00/0303/3
Darrell Durham3/40/10/0391/1

Punt Return Statistics

Lyneal Alston4205.00
Wes Chandler5438.60

Kick Return Statistics

Gerald Riggs13131.00
Joe Hayes11111.00
Wes Chandler39030.00

Defensive Statistics

OLB Barry Krauss1021.01955
ILB Nikita Blair610.01954
DE Johnny Robinson512.51630
CB Tyrone Davis520.01753
DT Darryl Grant430.51632
S John Harris400.01955
CB Alonzo Estep400.0421
OLB Kyle Clifton310.01840
CB Harry Hamilton300.01854
DE Jessie Glenn201.01533
S Curtis Nordby230.0620
S Dustin Geldt210.01333
WR Henry Ellard20---------
DE Keith Millard200.0630
ILB Nick Miller200.0620
S Dan Land200.0117
DT Richard Turner100.026
OLB Rufus Connell100.0117
OLB Scott Pelluer1020.02331
ILB Jim Laughlin710.03543
OLB Rich D'Amico710.03231
CB Ricky Reynolds710.03545
DT John Cannon421.02333
DT Michael Carter400.53330
S Jerry Holmes440.03128
CB Demetrious Johnson400.03545
DE Jeff Stover111.03343
DT Harvey Armstrong120.51219
DE Kenny Neil120.02730
S Mike Hatchett110.02224
S Vince Newsome100.0416
CB Lee Miller100.01526
DE Cesar Adams010.01224

Pass Rush Statistics

DE Johnny Robinson2.502130
OLB Barry Krauss1.000255
DE Jessie Glenn1.000133
DT Darryl Grant0.500032
OLB Kyle Clifton0.011240
DT Greg Brown0.002117
DE Keith Millard0.000130
DE Jeff Stover1.005443
DT John Cannon1.000033
DT Harvey Armstrong0.511019
DT Michael Carter0.501030
DE Cesar Adams0.011024
DE Kenny Neil0.010030

Pass Defense Statistics

ILB Nikita Blair71054
OLB Barry Krauss61055
CB Tyrone Davis50053
CB Alonzo Estep40021
S John Harris30055
S Dustin Geldt21033
S Curtis Nordby21020
S Dan Land20017
ILB Nick Miller11020
DT Darryl Grant10032
CB Harry Hamilton10054
OLB Rufus Connell10017
CB Ricky Reynolds51145
OLB Scott Pelluer50031
ILB Jim Laughlin31043
CB Demetrious Johnson21145
OLB Rich D'Amico12031
DT John Cannon10033
S Mike Hatchett10024
CB Lee Miller10026

Blocking Statistics

G Bruce Matthews36035245
G Ron Hallstrom34035045
C Mike Wellman210135045
T Dan Knight15035145
T Mark Behning13035045
TE M.L. Harris03028041
FB Anthony Toney01024030
C Dwight Stephenson24019055
G Rich Moran14019255
G Jeff WIska13019155
T Kari Yli-Renko04019055
T Eric Moran02019255

Special Teams Tackles

Darryl Grant316
Gerald Riggs222
Carl Hinton131
Anthony Toney122
Lew Barnes110
Ron LaPointe334
Steve Sewell215
Earnest Jackson124


OaklandRPlyOffPPlyOffRPlyDefPPlyDefSTPlyTotal Plays
G Bruce Matthews3545------1696
ILB Nikita Blair------19541992
G Ron Hallstrom3545------1090
T Mark Behning3545------1090
T Dan Knight3545------1090
RB Gerald Riggs3036------2288
WR Vance Johnson2937------2086
C Mike Wellman3545---------80
QB Vinny Testeverde3545---------80
S John Harris------1955579
OLB Barry Krauss------1955579
CB Harry Hamilton------1854476
FB Anthony Toney2430------2276
CB Tyrone Davis------1753474
TE M.L. Harris2841---------69
S Dustin Geldt------13332369
WR Henry Ellard3233------267
DT Darryl Grant------16321664
OLB Kyle Clifton------1840159
TE Carl Hinton915------3155
OLB Rufus Connell------1173250
CB Alonzo Estep------4212449
DE Jessie Glenn------1533149
DE Keith Millard------6301248
DE Johnny Robinson------1630147
CB Eddie Anderson------1218939
WR Eric Richardson1214------228
S Curtis Nordby------620127
ILB Nick Miller------620127
DT Greg Brown------117321
S Dan Land------117321
WR Lyneal Alston55------919
DT Richard Turner------26917
WR Lew Barnes01------1011
C Eduardo Moore00------1010
P Bubba Beggiani00------1010
RB Willie Joyner54------110
RB Joe Hayes04------610
G Brody Wickes00------99
K Bruce Kallmeyer00------77
TE Wilbur Strozier15---------6
RB Ray Wallace00------55
C Ed McGlasson00---------0
T Mark Tuinei00---------0
DT Andrew Provence------00---0
QB Chuck Long00---------0
BuffaloRPlyOffPPlyOffRPlyDefPPlyDefSTPlyTotal Plays
CB Demetrious Johnson------354522102
G Jeff WIska1955------1387
T Kari Yli-Renko1955------1387
T Eric Moran1955------1387
G Rich Moran1955------1387
DE Jeff Stover------33431086
TE Brent Jones1754------1586
CB Ricky Reynolds------3545282
WR Wes Chandler1548------1780
ILB Jim Laughlin------3543280
C Dwight Stephenson1955---------74
DT John Cannon------23331066
OLB Rich D'Amico------3231164
DT Michael Carter------3330164
S Jerry Holmes------3128160
DE Kenny Neil------2730158
OLB Scott Pelluer------2331155
FB Robert Weathers522------2552
WR Jeff Moore1437---------51
CB Lee Miller------1526950
RB Herman Fontenot1137---------48
S Mike Hatchett------2224147
TE Ron LaPointe54------3443
QB Mike Pagel1231---------43
S Vince Newsome------4161939
S Lawrence Johnson------1322237
WR Virgil Seay715------1537
DE Cesar Adams------1224---36
OLB Scot Brantley------033033
QB Dave Krieg724---------31
DT Harvey Armstrong------1219---31
WR Bruce Hill39------1931
TE Ulysses Norris821---------29
RB Steve Sewell77------1529
RB Earnest Jackson00------2424
WR Ricky Nattiel210------618
ILB Chris Duliban------021416
C Branden Trejo00------1313
RB Eric Dickerson111------113
P Eddie George00------1313
K Darrell Durham00------1010
T Leonard Mitchell00---------0
OLB Jeff Gaylord------00---0
OLB Kiki DeAyala------00---0
G Adam Schreiber00---------0
C Bill Lewis00---------0

Directional Rushing Statistics


Detailed Passing Statistics

Vinny Testeverde42195145842
Mike Pagel27181124120
Dave Krieg23173001460

Directional Passing Statistics

Short (0-8 Yds)23101436.2
Medium (9-18 Yds)63284.7
Long (19+ Yds)51214.2
Short (0-8 Yds)25181546.2
Medium (9-18 Yds)139987.5
Long (19+ Yds)113333.0

Detailed Receiving Statistics

RB Gerald Riggs85052136
WR Vance Johnson84124037
WR Henry Ellard74157133
TE M.L. Harris62066241
TE Carl Hinton62024115
FB Anthony Toney311-4030
WR Eric Richardson21010014
RB Willie Joyner100004
TE Wilbur Strozier101005
WR Wes Chandler10100119148
TE Brent Jones106175154
RB Herman Fontenot94020037
WR Jeff Moore75078137
TE Ulysses Norris33011021
WR Ricky Nattiel31031110
TE Ron LaPointe2111504
RB Steve Sewell220907
WR Virgil Seay1102015
RB Eric Dickerson11011011
WR Bruce Hill110209

Red-Zone Rushing Statistics

OaklandAttYardsAvgOverall Avg
RB Gerald Riggs461.503.77
BuffaloAttYardsAvgOverall Avg
FB Robert Weathers177.002.33
RB Steve Sewell1-1-1.00-0.75

Red-Zone Passing Statistics

OaklandAttCompYardsAvg/AttOverall Avg
Vinny Testeverde3120.675.45
BuffaloAttCompYardsAvg/AttOverall Avg
Dave Krieg2152.507.30
Mike Pagel21189.007.59

Red-Zone Receiving Statistics

OaklandTargetCatchYardsAvg/TargOverall Avg
TE Carl Hinton2121.004.00
WR Vance Johnson1000.003.00
BuffaloTargetCatchYardsAvg/TargOverall Avg
WR Wes Chandler111818.0011.90
RB Steve Sewell1155.004.50
RB Herman Fontenot1000.002.22

Third Down Rushing Statistics

RB Gerald Riggs21
QB Vinny Testeverde22
RB Herman Fontenot10

Third Down Passing Statistics

Vinny Testeverde1332
Mike Pagel1184
Dave Krieg641

Third Down Receiving Statistics

TE M.L. Harris311
WR Vance Johnson310
RB Gerald Riggs200
WR Henry Ellard200
TE Carl Hinton211
FB Anthony Toney100
WR Wes Chandler552
WR Jeff Moore532
TE Brent Jones221
TE Ulysses Norris110
TE Ron LaPointe100
RB Herman Fontenot110
WR Ricky Nattiel100

Stadium69,500 (70,000 capacity)
Upper Deck20,900 (21,400)
End Zone15,400 (15,400)
Mezzanine8,900 (8,900)
Sideline Seats13,600 (13,600)
Club Seats7,400 (7,400)
Luxury Boxes3,300 (3,300)