Exhibition Week 4, 1989

played in Green Bay, WI

49 degrees, rain, 3 mph wind

Miami Dolphins33015-21
Green Bay Packers09146-29

Scoring Summary
1Q: 06:36 MIA - Chip Lohmiller 38 field goal
2Q: 12:26 GBY - Cedric Sharber 37 field goal
2Q: 06:31 MIA - Chip Lohmiller 34 field goal
2Q: 01:54 GBY - Rickey Watts 3 pass from Alonzo Gaines (Cedric Sharber extra point failed)
3Q: 09:50 GBY - Rickey Watts 2 pass from Alonzo Gaines (Cedric Sharber extra point)
3Q: 02:53 GBY - Rickey Watts 91 punt return (Cedric Sharber extra point)
4Q: 08:27 GBY - Cedric Sharber 32 field goal
4Q: 04:45 GBY - Cedric Sharber 28 field goal
4Q: 02:18 MIA - Billy Griggs 4 pass from Scott Brunner (Scott Brunner pass to Mark Carrier for conversion)
4Q: 00:35 MIA - Billy Griggs 9 pass from Scott Brunner (Chip Lohmiller extra point)

Team StatisticsMIAGBY
First Downs1715
- by Rushing45
- by Passing129
- by Penalty11
Total Net Yards258207
- Offensive Plays7257
- Yards per Play3.583.63
Net Rushing Yards5156
- Rushing Attempts2423
- Yards per Rush2.132.43
Net Passing Yards207151
- Att./Comp./Intrcpt44 - 26 - 031 - 19 - 0
- Gross Passing Yards230170
- Sacks/Yards Lost4/233/19
- Yards per Pass Play4.314.44
3rd Down Conversions3/164/13
- Avg. YtG on 3rd Down9.18.4
4th Down Conversions3/40/0
Punt Returns/Yards4/406/110
Kick Returns/Yards1/150/0
Interception Ret./Yards0/00/0
2pt Conversions1/10/0
Red Zone Visits34
- Red Zone TDs/FGs2/12/2
Avg. Drive StartOWN 24OWN 40
Time of Possession31:1528:45

Drive Charts

Miami Dolphins
112:516:23OWN 231056Field Goal
14:252:01OWN 1536Punt
212:185:53OWN 251258Field Goal
21:451:18OWN 253-2Punt
315:001:34OWN 253-1Fumble
39:411:21OWN 2534Punt
34:512:06OWN 2530Punt
32:452:55OWN 25512Punt
412:561:27OWN 734Punt
48:191:20OWN 741Downs
44:382:26OWN 181082Touchdown
42:081:43OWN 491051Touchdown
Green Bay Packers
115:002:09OWN 2538Punt
16:282:03OWN 253-6Punt
12:245:06OWN 341046Field Goal
26:254:40OWN 251275Touchdown
20:270:27OWN 2715Half
313:263:45OPP 24724Touchdown
38:201:27OWN 1731Punt
35:450:54OWN 363-2Punt
414:501:54OWN 3438Punt
411:293:10OWN 36749Field Goal
46:592:21OPP 83-3Field Goal
40:250:25OPP 472-3Game

Game MVP: Les Miller, Green Bay Packers

Rushing Statistics

RB Roger Vick11171.551210
RB Keith Griffin8131.63600
QB Scott Brunner2115.50600
QB Doug Flutie2157.50800
WR Chas Fox1-5-5.00-500
Green BayAttYardsAvgLG10+TD
RB Terrence Flagler11242.181110
RB Chuck Banks5132.60800
QB Alonzo Gaines300.00300
QB Rodney Peete2126.00700
RB Lewis Tillman273.50500

Passing Statistics

Scott Brunner33161684/23235083.9
Doug Flutie1110620/0014090.1
Green BayAttCompYardsSk/YdTDLGIntRate
Alonzo Gaines26151452/10224099.0
Rodney Peete54251/9010087.5

Receiving Statistics

WR James Bennett713598.4310300
WR Mark Carrier510387.605140
TE Billy Griggs47235.75892
TE Clint Didier33289.3312150
RB Roger Vick34289.3325260
RB Keith Griffin111414.006140
WR Chas Fox123535.0019350
RB Vince Workman1366.00360
TE Tyler Heuvicq11-1-1.000-10
Green BayCatchTargYardsAvgYACLGTD
WR Rickey Watts810739.1328242
RB Terrence Flagler35248.002130
TE Jay Carroll222512.500220
WR Craig White232613.009160
RB Kenny Gamble1255.00050
WR Quinn Early1611.00010
WR Brian Slater121111.000110
WR Norm McGee1155.00050

Interception Statistics

Green BayIntsYardsAvgTD

Fumble Statistics

RB Roger Vick2000
G Guy McIntyre0100
Green BayFumbRecovForceTD
CB Albert Lewis0100
S Bryan Hicks0010
S Anthony Newman0010

Punting Statistics

John Bruno734849.737.6662
Green BayPuntYardsAvgNetLGIn20
Jeffrey Jennings526753.445.4724

Kicking Statistics

Chip Lohmiller2/20/00/0381/1
Green BayFGs40+Yd50+YdLGPAT
Cedric Sharber3/30/00/0372/3

Punt Return Statistics

Carl Parker44010.00
Green BayRetYardsAvgTD
Rickey Watts611018.31

Kick Return Statistics

David Holmes11515.00
Green BayRetYardsAvgTD

Defensive Statistics

OLB Billy Cannon510.01525
S Ken Hillis500.02330
DE Mark Jerue421.52233
ILB Carlton Bailey420.01824
CB Pedro Harper410.02029
OLB Bill Romanowski400.0814
CB Nate Odomes221.02333
DT Glenn Montgomery200.556
CB Marcus Turner210.01018
DE Fred Small200.02330
DT Scott Davis120.01828
OLB Todd Seabaugh100.01319
OLB Ray Berry100.01521
ILB Richard Tardits100.005
CB Ben Jessie100.0714
S Stevon Moore100.0109
S David Holmes100.01320
ILB Ricky Andrews010.010
ILB Keith Karpinski010.0811
Green BayTackAsstSackRPlayPPlay
ILB Mel Owens1030.02345
OLB Ken Harvey820.02448
S Bryan Hicks610.01341
DE Les Miller513.51947
S Mike Zordich430.02448
CB Albert Lewis410.02045
CB Roland Mitchell300.01844
DE Alphonso Carreker210.52445
S Anthony Newman240.0117
OLB Ron Sancho220.02135
S Clinton Burrell200.0831
DT Kevin Fagan200.01843
CB Bruce Plummer100.0126
ILB Derrick Little100.0816
CB Calvin Eason010.0614

Pass Rush Statistics

DE Mark Jerue1.510033
CB Nate Odomes1.000033
DT Glenn Montgomery0.50006
OLB Bill Romanowski0.010014
DE Fred Small0.001130
DT Scott Davis0.001128
ILB Keith Karpinski0.001011
Green BaySackBlockHurryKnockPPlay
DE Les Miller3.512147
DE Alphonso Carreker0.512145
DT Kevin Fagan0.005143
CB Albert Lewis0.001045
DT Rod Saddler0.00015

Pass Defense Statistics

S Ken Hillis40030
ILB Carlton Bailey40024
OLB Billy Cannon31025
CB Pedro Harper30029
CB Marcus Turner20018
OLB Bill Romanowski10014
ILB Richard Tardits1005
S David Holmes10020
Green BayCaughtDefnsdIntrcpPPlay
OLB Ken Harvey50048
S Mike Zordich40048
S Bryan Hicks31041
ILB Mel Owens31045
CB Roland Mitchell30044
CB Albert Lewis20045
OLB Ron Sancho20035
S Clinton Burrell10031
DE Alphonso Carreker10045
S Anthony Newman1007
ILB Derrick Little10016

Blocking Statistics

C Dermontii Dawson24015013
G Guy McIntyre15024148
T Diego Beuter12015013
TE Clint Didier11014022
T Danny Villa05024148
T Scott Kirby0209135
G Dennis McKnight01024148
Green BayKeyBlBlOppPancRPlySckAPPly
T Greg Robinson25023034
G Mike Zandofsky14011018
T Doug Riesenberg13023234
C Joe Tofflemire11011018
T Joey Howard03012016
G John Rienstra01023134
G Todd Nelson01012016

Special Teams Tackles

Mark Carrier312
Roger Vick225
Green BayTacklesSTPlays
Bryan Hicks325
Terrence Flagler127
Doug Riesenberg18


MiamiRPlyOffPPlyOffRPlyDefPPlyDefSTPlyTotal Plays
RB Roger Vick1742------2584
G Dennis McKnight2448------981
G Guy McIntyre2448------981
T Danny Villa2448------981
WR Mark Carrier2046------1278
TE Billy Griggs1433------2673
WR James Bennett2248---------70
CB Nate Odomes------2333359
DE Mark Jerue------2233358
OLB Todd Seabaugh------13192658
CB Pedro Harper------2029958
ILB Carlton Bailey------18241557
S Ken Hillis------2330356
DE Fred Small------2330356
QB Scott Brunner1837---------55
DT Scott Davis------1828854
S David Holmes------13201851
WR Chas Fox1528------245
G Freddie Cave935---------44
T Scott Kirby935---------44
OLB Billy Cannon------1525343
CB Ben Jessie------7141839
RB Vince Workman611------2138
T Diego Beuter1513------937
TE Clint Didier1422---------36
OLB Ray Berry------1521---36
CB Marcus Turner------1018735
C Dermontii Dawson1513---------28
S Stevon Moore------109928
WR Carl Parker13------1923
OLB Bill Romanowski------814123
ILB Keith Karpinski------811120
RB Keith Griffin96------217
QB Doug Flutie611---------17
WR Dana Brinson00------1515
DE Lybrant Robinson------15511
DT Glenn Montgomery------56---11
P John Bruno00------99
C Dean Newman00------99
K Chip Lohmiller00------77
ILB Richard Tardits------05---5
RB Joe Mickles00------44
TE Tyler Heuvicq21---------3
ILB Ricky Andrews------10---1
C Joey Walsh00---------0
DT Tevin Clayton------00---0
Green BayRPlyOffPPlyOffRPlyDefPPlyDefSTPlyTotal Plays
CB Albert Lewis------20452489
CB Roland Mitchell------18442082
S Mike Zordich------2448981
S Bryan Hicks------13412579
OLB Ken Harvey------2448476
DE Alphonso Carreker------2445271
ILB Mel Owens------2345270
DT Kevin Fagan------1843970
RB Terrence Flagler1723------2767
DE Les Miller------1947167
G John Rienstra2334------865
T Greg Robinson2334------865
T Doug Riesenberg2334------865
WR Craig White1625------2263
OLB Ron Sancho------2135157
WR Rickey Watts1325------1250
TE Jay Carroll2029------150
WR Quinn Early1826------145
QB Alonzo Gaines1628---------44
S Clinton Burrell------831140
G Mike Zandofsky1118------837
ILB Derrick Little------8161337
TE Kaleb Wellstone62------2634
C Joe Tofflemire1118---------29
T Joey Howard1216---------28
G Todd Nelson1216---------28
RB Lewis Tillman914---------23
OLB Dillon Strong------102223
CB Calvin Eason------614222
CB Bruce Plummer------126119
RB Kenny Gamble05------1419
DE Shawn Patterson------65819
S Anthony Newman------117119
WR Brian Slater810---------18
QB Rodney Peete76---------13
RB Chuck Banks65------112
WR Norm McGee01------1112
DT Rod Saddler------65---11
K Cedric Sharber00------1010
C Hardy Mahoney00------88
P Jeffrey Jennings00------88
TE Troy Dagen25---------7
OLB Marlon Brown------1315
OLB Shawn Woodson------10---1
DE Connor Randall------00---0

Directional Rushing Statistics


Detailed Passing Statistics

Scott Brunner331634011030
Doug Flutie11100001010
Green BayAttCmp20+BdThDropDfnsHurrKnckIntc
Alonzo Gaines26152321320
Rodney Peete540100000

Directional Passing Statistics

Short (0-8 Yds)19131025.4
Medium (9-18 Yds)114756.8
Long (19+ Yds)41307.5
Short (0-8 Yds)2012974.9
Medium (9-18 Yds)64467.7
Long (19+ Yds)212211.0

Detailed Receiving Statistics

WR James Bennett137059148
WR Mark Carrier105038046
TE Billy Griggs74023033
RB Roger Vick43028142
TE Clint Didier33028022
RB Vince Workman3106011
WR Chas Fox21035128
RB Keith Griffin1101406
TE Tyler Heuvicq110-101
Green BayTargtCaugtDropdYards20+PPlay
WR Rickey Watts108173125
WR Quinn Early6111026
RB Terrence Flagler53024023
WR Craig White32026025
TE Jay Carroll22025129
RB Kenny Gamble210505
WR Brian Slater21011010
WR Norm McGee110501

Red-Zone Rushing Statistics

MiamiAttYardsAvgOverall Avg
RB Keith Griffin100.001.63
RB Roger Vick100.001.55
Green BayAttYardsAvgOverall Avg
RB Terrence Flagler5-4-0.802.18

Red-Zone Passing Statistics

MiamiAttCompYardsAvg/AttOverall Avg
Scott Brunner52132.605.09
Green BayAttCompYardsAvg/AttOverall Avg
Alonzo Gaines106484.805.58

Red-Zone Receiving Statistics

MiamiTargetCatchYardsAvg/TargOverall Avg
TE Billy Griggs32134.333.29
WR James Bennett2000.004.54
Green BayTargetCatchYardsAvg/TargOverall Avg
WR Rickey Watts4382.007.30
WR Quinn Early3000.000.17
RB Terrence Flagler222412.004.80
WR Craig White111616.008.67

Third Down Rushing Statistics

QB Scott Brunner11
Green BayRushesConversions
RB Terrence Flagler20
RB Chuck Banks11
RB Lewis Tillman10

Third Down Passing Statistics

Scott Brunner1041
Doug Flutie331
Green BayAttCompConversions
Alonzo Gaines643
Rodney Peete220

Third Down Receiving Statistics

WR James Bennett751
WR Mark Carrier411
TE Clint Didier110
WR Chas Fox100
Green BayTargCatchConversions
WR Rickey Watts221
RB Kenny Gamble210
WR Quinn Early210
WR Craig White111
RB Terrence Flagler111

Stadium69,900 (80,000 capacity)
Upper Deck20,100 (23,700)
End Zone14,800 (17,100)
Mezzanine8,600 (9,900)
Sideline Seats13,500 (15,100)
Club Seats7,600 (8,400)
Luxury Boxes5,300 (5,800)